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Legal Department

by admin, February 3, 2016

This administration has a prominent and indispensable role within the Company just as it would in any successful enterprise. In the Group, this administration holds more sensitive and influential issues regarding the march of the Group. It follows up on all matters pertaining to legal affairs together with their preparation, direction, and organization, hence contributing  to facilitate the work of the group in accordance with the country’s laws , and global trade agreement regulations. This administration is also working to achieve a balance between the rights of the Group on the one hand and the rights of their customers on the other hand, and then assumes the responsibility of  reviewing all contracts and agreements held by the Group, as well as the following up of all disputes and issues that the Group is either involved in or providing a legal opinion on. At the local level, this administration is implementing rules, regulations, and decisions adopted by the Group, while making all efforts to ensure that all employees get their moral and material rights within the framework of  transparency and equality.